The news Goalkeeping supervisor is Fabrizio Capodici

There is a new, very important change in the technical staff of the Talent Academy, the football training school that brings young talents from all over Italy to Turin and prepares them for professional football. The new goalkeeping supervisor is Fabrizio Capodici, a past professional goalkeeper in the Juventus youth team and up to Serie B with Piacenza, before a bad injury cut his career short; he is now a goalkeeper trainer. For four years Capodici worked with the Juventus youth team, before accepting a request from the China Football Academy, as goalkeeper coach for the Under 19 team at the federal centre in Qinhuangdao. Today, back in Italy, he has his own school for number one players (the Keeplay Professional Soccer School), collaborates with a number of clubs and, above all, is the goalkeeper coach for the Italian national Under-16 and Under-18 teams.

Fabrizio, how do you plan to work?
“First of all I must say that I am proud to work with a staff of such a high level, I will try to give my contribution and bring my experience to further develop the boys, who are still very well prepared. Ours must be a global approach, we must prepare young people at a technical, athletic, coordination and motor level, as well as at a mental level, to be able to face sporting commitments with competence, determination and confidence. The ultimate goal is to prepare young goalkeepers to help them fit into professional teams”.

How is the role of the goalkeeper changing?
“The role is evolving fast. The modern goalkeeper has to be able to use both feet naturally, over medium and long distances, and to release the ball with both limbs, as naturally as possible. He has to know how to play in a department, to keep the right distance from the defensive line, he has to learn to read situations both with possession and with the ball to the opponents, in short, the modern goalkeeper is integrated in the team, it is a much more complex role. You need a strong personality and leadership, you need to be able to communicate with the right tone and timing, for example I can’t say ‘man’ or ‘only’ with the same tone of voice.

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