Marco Russo

“The first thing we guarantee is the transition from one family, the real family, to another family”. Marco Russo is a key figure in the Talent Academy. He is a football instructor and school tutor, meaning that he knows the boys on and off the pitch: “We are also educators, because we deal with boys in their adolescent phase, who add the distance from home to the typical problems of that age. We must always be close to their needs, there can be no football growth without personal and human growth”.

An all-round commitment that is also reflected on the football pitch. “Attention to detail – continues ‘professor’ Marco Russo – is a decisive aspect, working on specifics makes the difference between professionals and amateurs. The staff of the Talent Academy has evolved and specialised with high-level professionals who take care of every aspect, technical, tactical and physical: by now there is an organisation such that the figures may change, but the structure remains. Another point is fundamental: our growth programme is always related to the needs of the individual, because it is true that football is a team sport and in friendly matches we measure the growth of the group, but our main training objective is aimed at the specialisation of the individual footballer”.