The Talent Academy, a football training school that welcomes young people from all over Italy to Turin, was born in 2018 with the aim of training young players suitable for modern football.


Football improvement school

Talent Academy is a football improvement school that was born in the summer of 2018. The Talent Academy boasts a staff of the highest level, which trains about thirty players from all over Italy and prepares them for the leap into professional football.

Goals and

Four cardinal points

Talent, will, preparation and opportunities. These are the four cardinal points of the young footballer who wants to break into the world of football.


football professionals

Christian Manfredini coordinator for outfield players, Fabrizio Capodici coordinator of goalkeepers, assisted by Nello Santin‘s experience: from here comes the technical approach of the Talent Academy.
The daily training sessions are directed by professional technicians, always aided by an athletic trainer, goalkeeper trainer and physiotherapist. Need anything else?


opportunities, protection, power of attorney

The relations between young players and the world of professional football are dealt with by Vincenzo Catera, market consultant for professional club.