Talent, will, preparation and opportunity. These are the four cardinal points of the young footballer who wants to make it in the world of football.

The winning mentality, determination, conviction and confidence in one’s own means are values that are developed day after day. Talent is a gift that can and must be worked on every day, but football is a much more complex sport than it may seem on television: individual technique, physical preparation, tactical knowledge, participation in the mechanisms of the collective in the locker room and on the field are needed… In short, training and growing in a context as professional as possible is essential.

But you must never forget what the ultimate goal is. Football is a team sport, that’s why you have to learn to play it with others; but in the end, it’s one person who emerges, it’s the individual who makes it to the professional level.

This is the fundamental concept that the staff of the Talent Academy work on: preparing players for professional football and giving them the opportunity to emerge.

The stages in the work of the Talent Academy football training school:

  • scouting throughout the country, to select the best talents, through individual observations or collective meetings;
  • recruiting the most interesting young players, until a season’s team of around 30 youngsters of a homogeneous level is formed;
  • proposing daily, specific and targeted training to perfect the natural qualities of the young player, so as to enhance his potential;
  • organising daily life in a professional environment, with specific attention to the school career, to encourage the integral development of the youngster’s personality in all its areas: affective, cognitive, social and motor, because the youngster’s human and football growth go hand in hand;
  • operate a continuous selection process: only those youngsters who show not only sporting qualities but also commitment and maturity remain in the Talent Academy, because good results require work, seriousness, responsibility and a desire to improve;
  • offer the opportunity to be ‘seen’ by professional clubs through friendly matches and tournaments, internships and auditions.

Talent Academy is therefore not just an academy for further training in football, but stands between amateur and professional clubs. The aim is to improve the training of young players and offer them the opportunity to play professional football, which is not always possible in amateur clubs, especially in southern Italy.

The cornerstone of the Talent Academy’s activities is to train players to meet the needs of professional clubs and to offer them to them, also through collaboration with proxy companies outside the academy.